Creepy Dollhouse Game Environment

Modular pieces for the environment

Modular pieces for the environment

I am a big fan of horror games and movies, inspired by Alice: Madness Returns and move Split. I want to create a creepy environment, which lives a serial killer with the dissociative identity disorder.

Started this project in Game Art Institute Environment Artist Bootcamp. Special thanks to Melissa Altobello, Ryan Kingslien, Shawnell Priester and all my classmates.

I did all the modular assets, lighting and post-rendering, and most of the props. Also used some assets from Unreal Marketplace: Atmospheric Candles Pack and Moses Saintfleur's Old Hunters Manor environment, including chairs, books, charms, console tables, red carpet, candle holders and one rectangle-shaped painting on the left side.

The environment is rendered real-time in Unreal Engine.

You could find Moses' awesome work here: